Frequently Asked Questions

Caseys Movers LLC is an independent relocation specialist, aka professional Movers. We do not work with brokers, ever. Our business is referral based.

Licensed movers adhere to ODOT regulations. Our prices are regulated by tarrifs. Caseys Movers LLC belongs to OMSA (Oregon Moving & Storage Association). We are licensed to operate in the state of Oregon and Washington. We are authorized to transport HHG (household goods) and service office moves. Additionally we are licensed to operate and transport HHG throughout the whole USA. Licensed, professional moving companies are obligated to present their licensing where ever they advertise.

Caseys Movers LLC is fully insured. Everything in the relocation process is backed by full coverage: our trucks, our workers, the homes we move in and out of. The cargo we ship is insured and covered: from the moment we touch/handle your belongings, while in transit on our truck, and up to when we drop off into your new home.

Our solution to property damage or cargo damage is firstly to repair then replace. We present practical and cordial solutions to any damage. We don’t want to just throw money at you and the problem. If we damage your property we want to make things right. For example: if it is obvious we broke your TV, we will replace it *immediately. What’s right is right, and what’s wrong is wrong. Pure and simple

Be fully transparent with your movers about inventory. A reputable and licensed moving company should be providing realistic estimates. Not just giving you the lowest cost so they can hook and book you. Understanding the work needing to get done and providing an estimate starts with a realistic inventory.

Reminder: licensed moving companies and their hourly rates are regulated and should be relative. That means that the total cost for your move should be relative to other companies. Because the work is the same. Clients should first choose a licensed company, do not compare prices/costs, compare quality of service. Go off of community reviews. You are comparing apples to oranges when choosing your moving company.

Remember, you’re trusting strangers to place all of your lively possessions into a single unit. There’s a lot of trust involved. You’ll get what you pay for, Don’t be cheap! 

Caseys Movers LLC does it all when relocating your home. Caseys Movers LLC are “Relocation Specialists.” We pack, provide packing materials, we move (local & long distance); including safes, pianos and appliances. We provide cleaning services: regular/monthly cleaning, we prep and clean homes for move-ins, we provide move-out cleaning services. If there are items you no longer want, Caseys Movers LLC can dispose of undesired furniture and belongings. We also dispose yard debris, construction materials and any basic trash. Finally we are experienced with Home Staging. After relocating you, we can help beautify your old home: we stage your house, apartment or condo with stylish and vibrant furniture and decor. Our Home Staging helps you sell your home at the highest rate, appealing to the ideal buyers, and helps sell your home quicker than if your home were empty. Have something not on the list? We might still be able to help, reach out to us with any questions before giving up! 

We have a one time service fee, and generally take a deposit upfront when scheduling your move. Our labor rates are regulated by Oregon Moving & Storage Association and keep us competitively priced with the market and all other Oregon movers. We have a minimum of a 2 hour & 2 mover quote for any moving job. For those who just need 1 item picked up and moved we can usually accommodate for a cheaper price.

Unfortunately we don’t quite have the right equipment to move a hot tub. We do provide junk removal services so for those looking to recycle parts of a hot tub we may be able to help.

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