Commercial space being packed and moved


It can be easy to assume that moving between offices would be a similar process to moving between houses, but this is definitely not the case. Not only are office spaces much larger, but they are often filled with expensive equipment, organizational compartments, and delicate appliances that are more challenging to move than many objects found in the house.

In addition to having all of these crucial pieces moved safely into your new office space, however, it is also essential to have rapid, effective moving services in Portland and beyond. After all, a business could employ dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of staff and workers, and the longer these members are away from their desks and offices, the less profitable your company’s operations are.

Fortunately, with our reliable experts at Caseys Movers LLC, you do not have to waste precious time worrying about these issues. When you receive our dependable office moving services, you can count on facing as little disturbance as possible.

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Attention to Detail

Consistent Service


Because you have many other duties and responsibilities to take care of for your commercial enterprise, it is important that the moving team you hire knows how to immediately respond to potential issues with excellent solutions, rather than constantly bothering you.

When we take the reins, you know that you can trust our professional team to take total care of your office’s needs.

Just some of the benefits you can enjoy from our comprehensive office moving services in Portland include:

  • The highest quality of moving equipment
  • State-of-the-art packing materials
  • Safe and secure transport equipment
  • Reliable delivery system at your doorstep
  • Superior quality in packing fragile items
  • Junk removal for unwanted items

Amazing movers, so kind and so fast it was truly impressive! I ended up spending 400 less than they quoted and their work was impeccable!

Jen B.
Jen B.

Go Above & Beyond

Small Business


Our experienced technicians know that time is money, and every moment wasted sorting out a moving hassle is going to cost a lot of energy and resources.

That is why we endeavor to make the process as smooth as possible. All you need to do is tell us your schedule so that we can arrive at a time and a date that is most convenient to you.

Then you can just rely on our fast, effective team to safely but rapidly move all belongings from your current commercial space into your new office so that you can get back to business in no time and keep office downtime to an absolute minimum.


Not only does our dependable team carefully take apart all the lighting, shelving, equipment systems, and technology in your old offices, but we always make sure to install everything properly in your new space.

It does no good to transport your priceless computers and monitors only to leave them in a tangled heap. With our hardworking team from Caseys Movers LLC at your side, you can rest easy knowing that your office – and your equipment – will be ready for business in no time.

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