Before you can move to get a fresh start to your life in your brand-new home, you will need to find someone to buy your current property. Understandably, this part of the process can be extremely frustrating to anyone trying to move, since it can take several months or even a year before your house finally sells.

One of the best methods to show off your property at its top value is by having excellent staging services in Portland. Staging is crucial in portraying the true curb appeal of your house. When any potential buyers arrive, they should take a look at its beautiful exteriors and elegant interiors, and immediately begin imagining how much they would enjoy living there.

Our experts at Caseys Movers LLC have an eye for detail that can picture the most aesthetic layout of your home, and then set this design in motion.

Contact us now at (971)282-6965 to ask any questions you may have about these highly sought-after staging services, right here in Portland. 

Staged room by professional moving company


When potential buyers enter a bare, un-staged house, it is difficult for them to imagine what their future lives may look like. The emptiness can also make the house appear smaller than it actually is, convincing people to look for something with a bit more space.

However, when our Portland staging specialists get involved, you can rest assured that your house will soon be transformed into its true glory.

Some of the benefits that come from our unique staging services include:

  • Options for full, model, and partial home staging
  • Stylish designs of complementing furniture, décor, appliances, and furnishings
  • The flexibility of packing your own belongings, since we have our own inventory
  • Greater speed in getting you moved out of our old home and into your new one

Are you registered and insured?

Licensed movers adhere to ODOT regulations. Our prices are regulated by tariffs. Caseys Movers LLC belongs to OMSA (Oregon Moving & Storage Association). We are licensed to operate in the state of Oregon and Washington. We are authorized to transport HHG (household goods) and service office moves. Additionally we are licensed to operate and transport HHG throughout the whole USA. Licensed, professional moving companies are obligated to present their licensing where ever they advertise.

Is this company a broker or a carrier?

Caseys Movers LLC is an independent relocation specialist, aka professional Movers. We do not work with brokers, ever. Our business is referral based.


We offer a variety of packing options for your belongings, whether you need help with just some items or the whole house. In addition to that we also provide boxes for packing your belongings at cost and come prepared with extras. When it comes to making sure your valuables are taken care of we are setting the standard for other Portland moving companies.


We are full service movers which means we show up with all the tools required to do the job. We set the standard by protecting your home with carpet and blankets, carefully wrapping any fragile or large furniture, disassembly and reassembly of furniture, and all necessary dollies.


Everyone’s dream home is unique, designed to fit their own personal preferences. However, what may be your fantasy may not match someone else’s ideals.

Our professionals are experts when it comes to choosing stylish colors and contemporary themes that are neither too flashy nor dull, and that perfectly match with the aesthetic of the rest of the neighborhood and natural scenery.

When we come to survey your home, we will identify its best features and arrange the furniture and décor to highlight these to their maximum appeal. Trust our specialists to show off your home to its best advantage.


Sometimes homeowners worry that despite all the bountiful advantages of staging their home, their lives may be disrupted by furniture being moved in and out.

The great news is that our dedicated professionals at Caseys Movers LLC are extremely experienced at moving everything rapidly, so we will not be in your way.

We always make it a priority to schedule our staging services so that they will be most convenient to you. Relax with the true flexibility that comes with our tailored staging services in Portland.

Call us today at (971)282-6965 or contact us online to learn more about our different options for superior home staging.

Casey's Movers have a top notch crew! They are super careful with your belongings and take the utmost care whilst being really efficient.they are really punctual and straight forward at accommodating your specific needs. Dealing with Casey, Stefanie or Valerie is truly amazing! Those three make it completely hassle free!

Bradley B
Bradley B