A picture of casey

Casey Nack



Has over 15 years of moving experience. Casey was trained properly by MTM in Washington, DC for 10 years before moving back to the great NW to start his own moving company. He wanted to provide the same top notch service to his customers as he was trained to do back East!


A picture of valerie

Valerie Nack

Co-owner/Business Manager


With over 30 years in business and accounting, Valerie took on her son’s dream of starting his own company.


Picture of isiah

Isaiah rodriguez

Mover & Crew Leader


Isaiah is our main crew chief here at Casey’s Movers. He has a special type of vision that allows him to see open spaces when packing a truck to occupy every space available. When not at work , being with his kids is the only way he’d like to spend his time.


Picture of michael

Michael James

Crew Leader


Michael , is our other crew chief and along with Isaiah they make sure to keep both crews running up to speed and make sure all moves are done with that Caseys Movers special touch! Michael is the oil when on the crew , he makes sure belongings are coming out at a constant flow and to ensure the right things are coming out at the right time to pack our truck correctly.


Picture of jamal

Jamal Gasaway



Jamal , is one of our younger crew mates but has actually been with Caseys Movers for quite some time and has the knowledge and experience to get moves done efficiently and at our constant pace. When not moving , you’ll often find Jamal either doing school work or playing video games.


Picture of edgar

Edgar Beltran Guerrero



Edgar is one of our senior movers. When on a move you’ll see him putting our safety procedures to use and make sure we minimize risk. When not at work you’ll find Edgar spending time with family or working on cars!


Picture of sebastion

Sebastian Ordenes



Sebastian is one of our newer crew members but shows out as if he’s been here for a long while. He has a high drive to get the job done and help his crew mates in anyways possible. When not on a move , you’ll often find him watching the Seahawks game rooting for his team!


Steven bigwood

Steven Bigwood

Marketing Manager


Steven is our marketing guru. Steven runes everything from the website to the social media platforms and somethings in between. Steven brings 18 years of multimedia design and has owned small businesses in his past which enables him to provide consulting for other aspects of the business too.


Caseys movers in portland crew photo with big smiles

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