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Electro Vibes ProdigyA rising star in the electro scene, known for futuristic sounds.Which DJ and producer is known as the “Future House Maestro” and gained fame with tracks like “Gecko (Overdrive)”?Oliver HeldensDon DiabloAlan WalkerOliver Heldens
Bassline GuruThe pioneer of dubstep, recognized for groundbreaking basslines.Who is the British producer behind hits like “Bangarang” and “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”?Flux PavilionZeds DeadSkrillexSkrillex
Pop Meets DanceAn artist who successfully merges pop and dance elements in their music.Which DJ collaborated with Dua Lipa on the chart-topping tracks “One Kiss” and “Electricity”?Calvin HarrisMartin GarrixThe ChainsmokersCalvin Harris
Trance LegendA trance icon known for uplifting melodies and euphoric beats.Who is the Dutch DJ and producer famous for tracks like “Adagio for Strings” and “Elements of Life”?Armin van BuurenTiestoAbove & BeyondArmin van Buuren
Festival Anthem MakerThis DJ is celebrated for creating anthems that dominate festival stages.Who produced the festival anthem “Animals,” becoming a sensation in the electronic music scene?HardwellDimitri Vegas & Like MikeAfrojackMartin Garrix
Synthwave VoyagerA producer who explores the retro-futuristic sounds of synthwave.Which artist is known for the synthwave hit “Midnight City” and has a signature saxophone sound?KavinskyM83Carpenter BrutM83
Melodic MasteryA DJ recognized for melodic and emotional tracks that resonate with listeners.Who is the Swedish DJ behind emotional hits like “Fade into Darkness” and “Levels”?AlessoAviciiAxwell Λ IngrossoAvicii
Tech House MaestroAn influential figure in the tech house genre, known for groovy beats.Which DJ and producer is associated with hits like “Babylon” and “Man with the Red Face”?FisherCamelPhatSolardoFisher
Bassnectar’s BeatsA bass music wizard with a diverse range of styles, blending genres seamlessly.Who is the American DJ and producer known for his eclectic mix of dubstep, trap, and drum and bass?ExcisionZeds DeadBassnectarBassnectar
Prog House PioneerA pioneer in progressive house, creating anthems that stand the test of time.Which DJ and producer is known for timeless tracks like “Strobe” and “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff”?Eric PrydzDeadmau5Steve AngelloDeadmau5
Dancefloor DivaA powerhouse vocalist who collaborated with various DJs to create dancefloor hits.Which singer is featured in tracks like “Titanium” with David Guetta and “Hey Mama” with The Chainsmokers?RihannaBebe RexhaSiaSia
EDM Super DuoA dynamic duo that has consistently delivered high-energy electronic music.Who makes up the duo responsible for hits like “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Roses”?GalantisAxwell Λ IngrossoThe ChainsmokersThe Chainsmokers
Future Bass InnovatorAn artist at the forefront of the future bass genre, blending emotional vocals with innovative beats.Who is known for tracks like “Faded” and “Sing Me to Sleep,” creating a signature sound in future bass?Alan WalkerMarshmelloIlleniumAlan Walker
Dubstep MaverickA dubstep artist known for heavy drops and intense basslines.Who produced the dubstep classic “Skrillex – Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”?Zeds DeadVirtual RiotSkrillexSkrillex
Techno TitanA techno legend known for dark and hypnotic beats that dominate the underground scene.Who is the German DJ and producer behind techno classics like “Papillon” and “Dark Side of the Spoon”?Charlotte de WitteAdam BeyerChris LiebingChris Liebing
Epic Collabs CommanderAn artist with a knack for collaborating with diverse musicians and creating chart-topping hits.Who teamed up with Pharrell Williams on the global hit “Get Lucky”?Daft PunkAviciiCalvin HarrisDaft Punk
Nu-Disco MaestroA producer reviving the disco vibes with a modern twist.Who is known for the nu-disco hit “Uptown Funk” in collaboration with Bruno Mars?BreakbotMark RonsonDuck SauceMark Ronson
EDM Vocal VirtuosoA vocalist with a powerful voice featured in numerous EDM tracks.Who provided vocals for hits like “Clarity” with Zedd and “Stay” with Kygo?Ellie GouldingHalseyFoxesFoxes
Hardstyle HeroA DJ and producer at the forefront of the hardstyle genre, known for energetic and pounding beats.Who is the Australian hardstyle artist famous for tracks like “Adrenalize” and “Headhunterz – Dragonborn”?Brennan HeartHeadhunterzWildstylezHeadhunterz
Global Dance AmbassadorAn artist who has contributed significantly to the global popularity of dance music.Which DJ is often referred to as the “World’s No.1 DJ” and is recognized for tracks like “Traffic” and “Elements of Life”?Martin GarrixArmin van BuurenTiestoArmin van Buuren
Electro Swing EnchantressAn artist who combines vintage swing sounds with electronic beats.Who is known for the electro-swing hit “Lone Digger,” creating a fusion of retro and modern vibes?Caravan PalaceParov StelarJamie BerryCaravan Palace
Trap CommanderA producer who pioneered the trap genre, creating bass-heavy and rhythmically intense tracks.Who is the American DJ and producer behind hits like “Core” and “Tell Me”?RL GrimeFlosstradamusBaauerRL Grime
Bass House ArchitectAn artist known for crafting bass-heavy house tracks that shake the dancefloor.Who produced the bass house anthem “Jauz & Ephwurd – Rock the Party”?JoyrydeJauzEphwurdJauz
Chillstep ExplorerA producer who explores the calming and atmospheric realms of chillstep.Who is recognized for the chillstep masterpiece “Blackmill – Let It Be”?BlackmillPhaelehCMABlackmill
Indie Dance TrailblazerAn artist blending indie and dance elements to create feel-good tunes.Who is known for indie dance hits like “Stolen Dance” and “Cocoon”?Milky ChanceTwo Door Cinema ClubFoster the PeopleMilky Chance
Drum and Bass DynamoA pioneer in the drum and bass scene, known for fast-paced beats and intricate rhythms.Who is the English DJ and producer behind iconic drum and bass tracks like “Hot Right Now”?Andy CNetskySub FocusSub Focus
Psytrance SorcererAn artist crafting hypnotic and psychedelic sounds in the realm of psytrance.Who is known for the psytrance anthem “Vini Vici & Astrix – Adhana”?Infected MushroomVini ViciAstrixVini Vici
Ambient ExplorerA producer delving into ambient landscapes, creating sonic journeys.Who is known for ambient works like “Music for Airports” and is considered a pioneer of ambient music?Brian EnoAphex TwinBoards of CanadaBrian Eno
Tropical House TacticianAn artist who popularized the tropical house genre, bringing sunshine vibes to the electronic scene.Who is the Norwegian DJ and producer behind hits like “Firestone” and “Stargazing”?KygoThomas JackMatomaKygo
Future House VoyagerA DJ pushing the boundaries of future house, infusing fresh sounds into the electronic music landscape.Who is known for the future house banger “Tchami – Promesses”?Don DiabloTchamiOliver HeldensTchami