10 Things to Know Before Moving to Washington

Washington state mountains

Are you considering a move to the beautiful state of Washington? Before you pack your bags and head to the Evergreen State, here are some important things to keep in mind:

1 Weather Variability

Washington’s weather is diverse. The western coastal areas are known for their rainy climate, while the eastern side is drier. Be prepared for a mix of sun and rain, especially in the western region.

2 Stunning Natural Landscapes

Washington boasts breathtaking landscapes, from the iconic Mount Rainier to the picturesque San Juan Islands. Nature enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers will find plenty to explore, from hiking trails to serene lakes.

3 Economic Opportunities

The city of Seattle is a hub for tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft, offering numerous job opportunities in the technology sector. Research the job market in your field before making the move.

4 No State Income Tax

Washington is one of the few states without a state income tax. While this might sound appealing, keep in mind that the state compensates with higher sales and property taxes.

5 Cultural Diversity

Washington State embraces cultural diversity. You’ll find a mix of traditions, cuisines, and festivals from all around the world. Explore local markets, try different foods, and engage with the vibrant communities.

6 Outdoor Lifestyle

If you love the outdoors, Washington is a paradise. Ski in the Cascades, kayak in Puget Sound, or hike in the Olympic National Park. The state offers endless opportunities for outdoor activities.

7 Traffic Congestion

Seattle’s traffic can be challenging, especially during rush hours. Research public transportation options and plan your routes accordingly.

8 Cost of Living

While the lack of state income tax is an advantage, the overall cost of living in Washington can be higher than in some other states. Housing costs, in particular, can be steep, especially in urban areas.

9 Coffee Culture

Washington is famous for its coffee culture, and Seattle is the birthplace of Starbucks. If you’re a coffee enthusiast, you’re in for a treat with numerous local coffee shops to explore.

10 Environmental Consciousness

Washington residents are generally environmentally conscious. Recycling and sustainability practices are encouraged, so be prepared to participate in these efforts.

Looking for that Dream Town?

Moving to a new state is an exciting adventure, and Washington has much to offer. By keeping these key points in mind, you can better prepare for your transition to the Evergreen State and make the most of your new life on the West Coast.

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