5 Bargain Ideas For Your Leftover Moving Boxes

Empty moving boxes stacked in a pile

What Do I Do With Leftover Moving Boxes?

After moving into a new home, you may find yourself with several leftover boxes. Before you break them down and recycle them, consider these five creative ideas for reusing your leftover moving boxes.


If you have a few large boxes that are still in good shape, consider turning them into a makeshift bookshelf. Cut off the top flaps to give it an open front, and then line the insides with fabric or wallpaper for extra decoration. You can use this bookshelf for holding books, magazines, movies and more!

Toybox made out of an old cardboard box

Custom Toybox

Got a few medium-sized boxes lying around? Cut off one of the sides of each box to create a toybox shape. Then decorate the outside with paint or stickers to make it look fun and inviting. This is perfect for holding toys or stuffed animals in kids’ rooms or playrooms!

Gift Wrap Station

A tall box can easily be used as a gift wrap station! Cut out one side of the box so that it stands upright on its own (think filing cabinet). Line it with wrapping paper or gift bag designs for easy access when needed. Plus, this makes a great storage spot for scissors, tape, bows and other supplies you need to wrap gifts quickly and easily!

Cat in custom box fort

Pet Bed

If you’re looking for something special for your pet(s), why not turn an old box into their very own bed? Cover the bottom of the box with soft fabric or foam cushions and add some pillows they can snuggle up on! It’s perfect for cats who love sleeping in cozy spots like cardboard boxes!

Recycling Bin

Old boxes also make great recycling bins! Simply cut out one side of each box so that there is an opening on the top and bottom of each bin. Label each bin clearly so that everyone knows what goes where (paper/cardboard vs plastics/glass/metal). This will help keep your recycling efforts organized and efficient!

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