Moving Company: Helpful Guide For Before A Move

Boxes packed and labeled for moving company

For those of us who don’t have super human organizational skills most of us probably have a few things to finish up the night before moving. As always a list can help so we’re here to provide you with some things to check off on your last day. Even with a moving company there is a lot to prepare for.

Check in with Your Moving Company

While at Caseys Movers LLC we are consistent and never leave our customers hanging, this is actually not the norm. Even with a trusted a company, it’s always a good idea to confirm the details and make any adjustments. It’s also a good idea to double check what things they expect you to do to prepare for their arrival. Try to do this early in the last day incase of any last minute adjustments.

Finish any Last Minute Packing

Packing essentials in suitcase

In a perfect world all of our packing is done at this point, for most of us this is not true. Either way it’s safe to assume the stuff we use frequently may not be packed. As your day goes on don’t forget to pack these things away as you no longer need them. Be sure to have a spot for your essential items that you will need access to before unpacking. Additionally plan a bigger box for stuff like bed linens, towels, clothes, and stuff like your coffee maker!

Prepare Electronics

Chords organized in toilet paper rolls

The night before a move is the perfect time to get a head start on disconnecting those daily electronics. The more organized your electronics are in the morning the faster they will be able to get loaded the next day. It’s always a good idea to take pictures of the set up electronics before breaking them down, and don’t forget that old toilet paper rolls can be used to store and label the chords!

Disassemble Furniture

We include furniture disassembly and reassembly with our moving services, that may not always be the case. If you know your moving company is taking care of it, then no problem. For those moving themselves it can definitely help to get a head start on this ASAP!

Plan for Pets and Plants

Dog standing on boxes

Moving is stressful for the whole family. Dogs and Cats will notice the change way before move day and as our stress builds so can theirs. Remember to keep comfort items, treats, and if necessary a medical/natural solution to help them relax. It’s important to secure our pets before the moving company arrives so they do not run out or cause other issues. While plants might not display stress or be able to run away as early pets, disrupting their environment can be detrimental. For more tips on moving with plants check out our blog post here.

Get some Rest and Relaxation

Now that you’re on the final stretch of your residential move take some time for you! Even with a professional moving company move day is exhausting. Don’t overwork yourself the day before. If you are finding tasks that go late into the night consider going to bed early instead and tackling them in the morning. Moving is an emotional process and our homes play a huge role in our lives. Lastly, take time the night before to say goodbye and be grateful for your time there. Gratitude is essential and the next day will be fueled with excitement for your new place!

Guide provided by Caseys Movers LLC a Professional Moving Company.

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